• Scientific research
  • Direction of provincial quality control networks
  • Forming and training of QC staff
  • Post marketing surveillance of drugs, cosmetics and therapeutic goods
  • Being referee in cases of dispute on drug quality in the provinces in charge
  • Submit proposals to the MOH on technical measures in drug quality management


1.    Scientific research

  • Research on methods of enhancement of drug quality.
  •  Application in the field of quality control.
  • Reviews monographs for Vietnamese Pharmacopoeia and specifications of local and foreign drugs.
  • Research on  BA/BE testing.
  • Research on detection and prevention of micro-organism pathogens.
  • Research on preparation of chemical reference substances, microbial strains and authentic reference substances. Validates national reference substances and ASEAN chemical reference substances.

2.     Direction of quality control networks

  • Assistance to the minister of health on the field of drug quality control in the southern part of Vietnam (from Da nang to Ca mau province).
  • Development, supervision and speeding up and evaluation of the performing of drug quality control tasks in the southern part of Vietnam (from Da nang to Ca mau province).
  • Performing national and international  projects and programs on drug quality assurance and counterfeit drug prevention.
  • Providing information and scientific documentation on the field of quality control by mean of bulletins in the Journal of Quality Control and the Journal of Pharmacy.
  • Reporting of IDQC activities as required by regulation.

3.     Forming and training QC staffs

  • Organisation and providing re- training and ongoing education for QC staffs in the southern part of Vietnam (from Da nang to Ca mau province).
  • Participating in univerity graduate and post-graduate programs in the field of drug quality control.
  • Promotion of co-operation programs on training and forming between IDQC and international institutions.

4.    Post marketing surveillance of drugs

  • Assistance to the ministry of health on controling, monitoring, surveillance, evaluation of drugs and starting materials quality  from production, storage and distribution to import and export in the southern part of Vietnam (from Da nang to Ca mau province).
  • Evaluation of bioequivalence, biovailability and pre-clinical trials of drugs.
  • Providing services on training and pharmaceutical analysis.
  • Participating in GMP, GLP, GSP auditing of pharmaceutical enterprises.

5.    International co-operation

  • Developing foreign aid and donations, investment on scientific research, staff training, laboratory and equipment supply, laboratory construction for both individuals and organisations from foreign countries.
  • Establishment, maintenance and expansion of co-operation with international organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals on scientific research and its application in the field of pharmaceutical science and analysis.
  • In co-operation with individuals and organisations from foreign countries on scientific research, developing projects related to pharmaceutical analysis, exchange of scientific experiences.
  • Establishment and developing co-operation with Quality Control institutions in the region and the world base on ISOIEC 17025 accreditation for recognition of analytical results with one another.
  • Planning for sending and receiving scientists in and out of the country for learning, doing research and exchange experiences.

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